How to Move Your Plants Safely

Houseplants not only make your home alive and warm, but they can also transform the feeling of your home and makes it more welcoming. If you love flowers, you will agree with us that they are part of your family that you want to move with wherever you go. House plants are fragile and moving them requires special care especially if you are relocating to another country. How then can you move your plants safely? Here are tips to help you. 

Confirm with the Local Authorities

If you are planning your relocation to Switzerland for instance, you may want to contact the country’s department of agriculture to establish whether or not they have restrictions when it comes to bringing in plants. Some countries will be opposed to the idea of bringing in plants from another country for fear of jeopardizing their crops. The process may be easier for you if you are moving potted indoor plants as opposed to plants that will need to be replanted outdoors. 

Tend to Your Plants Before You Relocate

Plants need lots of care for them to thrive. Begin by removing the old soil and adding sterile and fresh soil free from bugs. You don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities or infesting your car or even flight with bugs during the transportation process. 

Some countries may need a certified inspection and you will want to get in touch with the agricultural department in your region to book an appointment with a certified examiner. They will examine your plants and provide you with the necessary forms you need to present before the state border officials when the need arises. A few days before moving, ensure that your plants are watered well to keep the soil moist while keeping the roots damp while in transit.

Pack Your Plants Appropriately

Safeguard your plants from direct sunlight, cold, and heat by wrapping them well. Use a craft paper to make a wide cone shape staple or tape it to secure the shape and slip the plant through and ensure the plant stem and leaves are well covered. If your plants are more delicate such as succulents or cacti, put them in a box and fill in the space using towels or bubble wrap. 

Keep Your Plants Safely throughout the Trip

Place your plants close to you on your way to the airport. Confirm with your airline to establish their regulations when it comes to transporting live plants. While many of them have no restrictions about transporting live plants, you may want to keep it well wrapped with a towel to restrict it from moving around. 

Tend to Your Plants while in Transit

If you are relocating during the warm season, place your plants in shaded areas and ensure they enjoy the fresh air. If you are traveling during the cold season, you may want to place your plants in strategic places where there are comfortable temperatures. Don’t expose your plants to direct sunlight or extreme wind. Bring them inside with you every time you make hotel stops to protect them from extreme temperatures. Take care of the branches and leaves to avoid crushing them. 

Tend to Your Plants After the Trip

Once you arrive at your destination, tend to your plants first. You will need to unwrap them and water them well. Place them in a well-ventilated area and give them time to adapt to the new environment. You may realize that some of your plants will wilt and lose their leaves. Don’t worry when this happens as it’s a temporary situation that should lapse with time. 


Plant transportation policies vary from one airline to the other. However, you can easily transport houseplants in your checked or carry-on bags provided they meet the baggage rules. If you are carrying houseplants in your flight, be prepared to unwrap them for inspection. They will also be taken through the x-ray process together with the rest of your luggage. 

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